Heart Symbols For Facebook Chat

Heart Symbols For Facebook Chat

Today I want to share seven different heart symbols for Facebook chat, that you can use without any software or downloads! The only thing you need to use these heart symbol emoticons is your mouse, and the brain power to copy and paste. Can you do that? I know you can!

Heart Symbols [...]

Awesome New Symbols For Facebook (Apple, Faces, Mini…)

Here’s a load of awesome new symbols for Facebook chat, as well as some classic symbols and big pictures, which will hopefully make you feel better that you have to go back into the classroom soon….

It’s one of the most depressing times of year…the end of the Summer holiday. You’ve probably been relaxing [...]

Facebook Emoticons

Nowadays, Facebook is one of the most famous social networks. Day by day its number of users increases considerable. If you don’t know exactly what Facebook is, I will tell you some interesting things about it. Facebook was created with the purpose to help people in finding their friends or their high-school colleagues. People [...]