Facebook Emoticons

Nowadays, Facebook is one of the most famous social networks. Day by day its number of users increases considerable. If you don’t know exactly what Facebook is, I will tell you some interesting things about it. Facebook was created with the purpose to help people in finding their friends or their high-school colleagues. People that want to find their old friends or colleagues simply have to type their names in the search box and if those people have an account on Facebook, people that made that search are able to get in contact with them.

Facebook Emoticons

Facebook Emoticons

Facebook Emoticons

Facebook allows to its users to share pictures and thoughts with their friends. That means that if you upload pictures on Facebook, all your friends are able to see and comment them. On Facebook you can play different games and you can also watch different videos.

One of the most important features of Facebook is represented by the fact that you can use it as a chat program. How is that possible? Well, once you logged in you are able to chat with people from your friends list that are online in that moment. In this way, you can wear conversations with your closest friends without being anymore necessary to use a separate chat program such as MSN or Yahoo Messenger. I’m sure that you already know that those 2 chat programs offer you the possibility to use emoticons. If you thought that using Facebook chat you can’t use them, you are definitely wrong.

Emoticons can also be used in Facebook chat conversations. Facebook chat emoticons are called by writing their shortcuts inside the chat box.
Facebook chat smileys help people to express better their feelings or to put accent on different states of mind. For example, you can use an emoticon that expresses happiness by introducing in the chat box the next combinations of signs: “^_^”, “:-)”, or “:)”.

Using these emoticons you will be able to express easily the fact that you are feeling happy in a certain day. This is only an example of feeling that can be expressed by using this type of emoticons. Of course, there are also other feelings that can be expressed, such as: sadness, amazedness and many others.

You can also use Facebook smileys that have the shape of a shark or a penguin. To make the shark emoticon you have to type “(^^^)” in the chat box and to make the penguin emoticon you have to type “<(“)” in the same box.

Facebook emoticons can be used by all people who have an opened account on that site. The most important disadvantage is that these emoticons can be used only when you chat with your friends. This means that when you’ll want to wrote a message on the wall of one of your friends, they will not appear like emoticons. Only their signs will appear.

Facebook chat smileys are for free, so you don’t have to pay anything to use them while you are wearing conversations with different people.

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