Facebook symbols

If you are looking for the best symbols available to use in your Facebook names or status (or even in your chats themselves) no doubt this is the best place to be! Many people love these symbols as they are quite easy to use.

Facebook symbols

Since they are already available in the character map installed inside Windows, what you need to do is just copy the symbols and paste like normal letters.

Facebook symbols

Facebook symbols

We are here to offer you a bunch of latest icons to use in your Facebook name or status. Symbols like scissor, heart, airplane and peace sign are the latest trends online. Some of these symbols are listed below here for you, and you’ll find more as we add them to future posts!

1) Airplane Facebook symbol – ✈
This is one of the rarest characters available to use in you status. Once you upload this unique airplane symbol, it can be used in your chats or even as your Facebook status or name.

2) Celsius Facebook symbol – ℃

This is an awesome symbol which helps you to express what’s exactly reading in you. Whether it is hot or cold, you can put an exact reading about your mood by simply putting a number next to this Celsius symbol!

Stay tuned for more Facebook symbols and emoticons that you can use on the world’s biggest social network!

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