Free New Year’s Eve emoticons for you to download!

After the success of our free Christmas emoticons post (and MORE free Christmas emoticons), we’ve decided to give you some more Xmas gifts – Free New Year’s Eve emoticons to download! You can use these in MSN, QQ or anywhere that you want which uses animated gif smileys!

Many people will choose to go out on New Year’s Eve, perhaps to a party or to a bar – but there are some who will not be able to be with their friends this year. If you’re one of these people, then get online, open MSN and party right there in your chat box! Here are the coolest NYY emoticons and smileys for you!

To use these smileys, just right click on them, click ‘Save image as…’ and then choose somewhere on your computer to save it. Now open MSN and click on your Emoticons icon and you can import them into your software. It’s that easy! Now here are the emotions!

Free New Year’s Eve emoticons for you to download!

drunk emoticon for msn 02

This first guy is actually from a selection of emoticons called ‘Drunk smilies’, and you can see why. He clearly looks like he’s been preparing for New Year’s Eve for a while, and is completely hammered. He also looks a bit sleazy…beware of people like this at New Year!

new years eve emoticon

This bald dude is already having the time of his life at a party! With a bottle of champagne in one hand and one of those annoying party horns in his mouth, this emoticon is sure to bring the festive spirit to your chats!

new years eve emoticon msn 2

A cool Michael Jackson lookalike emote with a horn in his mouth and an awesome hat on. If you want your smileys to have a little bit of style, then check this one out.

new years eve emoticon msn

The luck of the Irish is often talked about at Christmas and New Year, and this guy looks like he’s had a lot of irish whisky…and is now waiting to chat to some ladies under the mistletoe! Give him a kiss!

drunk emoticon for msn

The big drawback of New Year, of course, is the day after and the hangover which is almost guaranteed to follow. If you need to tell someone that you don’t feel 100%, here’s the emoticon for you!

That’s all the New Year’s Eve emoticons we have for you. If you want to check out more free emoticons for MSN then head over to this website →

Happy New Year!

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