How do you write upside down on Facebook or MSN?

I saw my friend write something upside down in his Facebook status one day, and I was amazed by how cool it looked. I then signed onto MSN and he also had written upside down there too! I asked him “how do you write upside down in your Facebook status?” and he replied that it was a complete secret! He wouldn’t tell me, so I Decided to do some research…

write upside down

Some people said that you can use upside down text generators to write your messages, but this wasn’t really useful because sometimes I want to write messages offline when I can’t use the internet, and I have a very bad memory for remembering websites (especially annoying ones where I have to copy and paste my writing into their little boxes). I thought there must be a solution…

After googling and trying to find the secret of upside down text, I noticed that because I had seen a few examples, I could probably recreate the upside down alphabet myself (and therefore be able to write ANYTHING I wanted just by copy and pasting the letters into words). It took a while, but finally I have created a full upside down font alphabet to share with you today! That means that now you can write in your Facebook chat, MSN status, Yahoo messenger, Myspace page or on your website by using these upside down characters. Inverted text is obviously not the language of the future, but you can use it to make some pretty cool messages in your Facebook status too. Here is the list:

How do you write upside down on Facebook or MSN?

˙ ‘ ¿ , ؛ „ ‾ ⅋ ¡
z ʎ x ʍ ʌ n ʇ s ɹ b d o u ɯ ʃ ʞ ɾ ı ɥ ƃ ɟ ǝ p ɔ q ɐ
6 8 Ɫ 9 5 ᔭ Ɛ 2 1 0

Of course, it is the alphabet (backwards). Some of you will only be able to see blocks (squares), but trust me, as soon as you copy and paste these letters into your MSN name or Facebook status update they will become letters (or at least, other people will be able to read them as letters!). If you can’t read them clearly, well they are a -> z upside down – so you can count the letters from the right hand side to find the ones you want.

I will use this list to make some funny Facebook statuses! What about you?

6 comments to How do you write upside down on Facebook or MSN?

  • fiza

    instead of copy to make it just by type it in?

  • Venkat Koduru

    They’re lots of sites you can use to convert your text to it’s flipped upside down version, so that you don’t have to manually copy and paste each upside down character individually. I would recommend Type Upside Down but they’re many other sites too.

  • choco

    How do you acctually TYPE them, coz you cant copy and paste on windows live messenger ?

  • Beth

    My son really wants to do this. We figured out which sites to go to, you can copy and paste it. However, as you stated above, we only see blocks. I have a Dell Insp and It works fine on mine. His Dell Nickelodeon Laptop only shows blocks. Does anyone know why this is? Is there a way to fix it? All of his friends are writing upside down on Facebook and he really wants to as well. Please, if anyone knows how to remedy this, let me know!!

  • Ana

    I *really* want to know how to do this on google buzz can anyone plz tell me!!

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