More Christmas emoticons for MSN!

Well it’s now officially the holiday season, which means that if you didn’t download the first set of Christmas emotions for MSN then you’re TOO SLOW because here’s another set! Ok, I didn’t mean to shout, but still – what are you waiting for?! There’s some really cool snow, Santa Claus, mistletoe, Christmas trees and more just waiting for you to download and use in your Windows Live Messenger or QQ right now!

christmas emotions MSN

If you did download them already, congratulations! Your prize is another set of Christmas smileys for your MSN, and these are even cooler (literally!). Imagine all the extreme Christmas sports that your parents don’t let you do – well now you can at least try them out online!

Anyway let’s stop waiting around, here are the new Christmas emoticons for MSN – download them, install them in your software and send them to your friends, family and colleagues – but don’t wait too long! Christmas will be over soon and then you’ll be left with nobody to chat to!

Christmas emotions for MSN

christmas emoticons for msn 06

If you’ve seen Dumb and Dumber, you’ll know how dangerous it is to lick a piece of metal if it’s freezing! Send this to a dumb buddy of yours and remind them!

christmas emoticons for msn 05

This is pretty much the coolest winter sport ever invented – driving a huge, fast skiing machine across country. Out of my way!

christmas emoticons for msn 04

I always wanted to ski, but it looks a bit dangerous. Skiing smilies, however, are not at all dangerous (but perhaps not as much fun)!

christmas emoticons for msn 03

Snowboarding is only for cool people – so I will stay off the piste and indoors on MSN!

christmas emoticons for msn 02

This guy looks pretty crazy, but at least he’s going in the right direction!

christmas emoticons for msn

This looks like a victim of the dangers of Christmas. Have you ever been caught outside in the snow with only a pair of ear muffs and a scarf to protect you? I have, and it sucks. Let your friends know if they left you out in the cold!

Well, that’s it! If you find any more Christmas emoticons then please let us know so that we can update this post and add them in there. Otherwise, have an amazing holiday season and don’t eat too much!

If you’re looking for the first post about MSN smileys and emotes for Christmas, then you’re in luck – click here -> Christmas emoticons for MSN

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