Trademark symbol emoticon

Have you ever wondered how people make the trademark symbol emoticon in MSN, Myspace or Facebook chat? Well there are many trademark symbol emoticons that are available – even copyright symbol emoticons or registered trademark symbols too! Here you can copy and paste the trademark symbol into your Twitter, MSN, Yahoo messenger or Myspace page, or use the TM symbol emoticon or R to make cool status names!

Trademark symbol emoticon

© – copyright
® – registered trademark
™ – trademark

Don’t forget you can use the trademark symbol in any chat program, including Skype or AIM. Enjoy! Here they are! The copyright symbol, registered trademark symbol and trademark symbol emoticon!

Skull and crossbones symbol emoticon

One of my friends recently used a skull and crossbones symbol in their MSN name and it looked amazing! I looked everywhere on the Internet and finally found out how to put this skull character into my own status update. Since I found the pirate symbol emoticon I’ve been using it everywhere – it’s not like other emoticons or smileys, you can just copy and paste the skull and crossbones symbol and it will show up in your chats on Facebook chat, MSN, AIM, Yahoo messenger and Skype! It’s pretty cool to have a free pirate smiley to use on chats now!

Skull and crossbones symbol emoticon

☠ – skull & crossbones symbol emoticon

I hope you have as much fun with the skull and crossbones symbol emoticon as I have!

Happy Farm on Facebook guide, strategy, FAQ, cheats and tips

Happy Farm on Facebook needs a guide, and so I’ve crawled around the forums and Internet and found the information that everyone needs. At first, Happy Farm seems to be simple, but there is a huge amount of strategy involved which can take you from having no money to having a big farm, more money, lots of vegetables, fruit and plants!

Facebook Happy Farm Blue coins

Currently there is only one way of getting the blue coins on Happy Farm on Facebook, and it’s by buying them with real money! Here are details:

1. Click the “Add credits” button below the icon of blue coin
2. Follow the instructions to purchase blue coins online

Happy Farm Experience limits

1. You can earn up to 300 experience points every day from killing worms and weeds on your farm and other people’s farms. When you hit this limit, you can still earn money by killing and weeding your friends’ farms, but not on your own.
2. The 300 experience points per day limit does not include experience from harvesting your crops or fruits! So don’t worry, you won’t lose experience from your fruit! It also does not include experience from buying objects from the store!

The different Happy Farm Facebook fertilizers

Basic fertuilizer: Reduce ripen time by 1 hour
Premium fertilizer: Reduce ripen time by 4 hours
Supreme fertilizer: Save at least 8 hours/takes you to the next ‘level’ of maturity

Big worms

Nobody likes to be attacked by big worms on Happy Farm! They eat your crops, make your land dry and are ugly! Big worms are difficult to kill on your own, so you need to get the help of some friends! Every big worm requires 5 pesticide sprays. As players are allowed to use the pesticide once an hour on big worms, a larger number of friends playing this game means you can kill these pests quickly!

Big worm experience – 5 EXP awarded for the first, second, third and fourth spray – 13 EXP for the KILLING BLOW! You also receive one coin per spray!

How to get a dog on Facebook Happy Farm

1. To adopt a dog, invite 5 facebook friends who have NEVER played this game to play Happy Farm. They must accept your invitation AND at least click into the game to be counted as a legitimate ‘invitee’. Once you have invited 5 people you will magically have a dog protecting your farm! (Tip: Make sure you invite the full 10 people to play Happy Farmer, then you’ll get the full 7 free fertilizers every day).

How to buy a dog on Facebook Happy Farm

In the ‘Store’ tab click on ‘Accessories’ and you will see that you can buy a dog for 49 blue coins! That might be quite expensive for you, depending on your background. It’s easier just to invite friends!

How to get dog food on Facebook Happy Farm

Right now there is only one way to get dog food on Happy Farm, and that’s to buy it with blue coins (and ‘real world’ money). We’ll update this if the situation changes.

How do I expand my land on Happy Farm?

If you want to expand your land, you can do it by clicking on the next block of land in your patch (where a brown sign is). The cost increases with every expansion (but of course, your income will also increase with every block too!).

How much does it cost to expand my Happy Farm?

Here are the land expansion costs:
LV5 – $10000
LV7 – $20000
LV9 – $30000
LV11 – $50000
LV13 – $70000
Lv15- $90000

If you friends don’t show up in your list

Some people have an issue where they invite a friend, and the friend accepts the invitation but then they don’t show up in the friends list. This is usually due to internal delays to the updates, but to try to speed up the process click on the green ‘refresh’ button on the right of your friends list!

The life of a Happy Farm crop

Here’s the life of a happy farm crop – the Strawberry!

seed –> leaf (4 hrs)
leaf –> big leaf (4 hours)
big leaf –> adult leaf (5 hours)
adult leaf –> blossom (5 hours)
blossom –> maturing (6 hours)

Well, this is the end of the Happy Farm guide. I hope to add more to it as more information arrives, but for now…good luck with your growing!