Peace symbol emoticon

One of the coolest Facebook symbols or MSN / Myspace status symbols is the peace symbol! Make love not war!

Peace symbol emoticon

☮ – peace sign

Enjoy the peace sign!

30 comments to Peace symbol emoticon

  • amber

    my internet is firefox && it is set on ‘UTF-8′ && i still cant see the peace sign

  • peaceoutilovebs+mj

    yeah still dont get it i am only 13 so kinda confusing i have a mac osx i think and would love 2 put it on facebook ps : the apple sign is CAPS LOCK THEN ALT KEY THEN PRESS K  it works on facebook and word on mac

  • ana

    i have mozilla firefox and its not a peace sign its like a lock code thing

  • ℧ – Inverted Ohm
    ☀ – sunshine – sun
    ☁ – cloudy – cloud – dark cloud
    ☂ – raining – rain – umbrella
    ☃ – snow – snowman
    ☄ – shooting star
    ★ – star solid
    ☆ – star outline
    ☇ – lightning
    ☈ – thunderstorm
    ☉ – sun
    ☊ – ascending node
    ☋ – descending node
    ☌ – conjunction
    ☍ – opposition
    ☎ – phone

  • tina

    Hi, I have a mac… i can see the peace sign and i can also copy paste it into my facebook status, but i have seen other people with it as their display name but when i paste it says it has invalid characters, is there an alt code to type in to avoid that or what? HELP PLEASE :)

  • cheergyrl

    ☮ copy and paste it.

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