Pig emoticon google chat

The pig emoticon in Google chat is one of the coolest emoticons you can use, and also one of the hardest to find (because it’s a secret gtalk emoticon, unlike the ones that are included in the normal list).

Some people thing that the pig smiley is rude, but I think that it’s really just a fun way to show your friends that they stink! Ok, just kidding…but anyway you may have seen the pig emoticon before (your friends might know it) or perhaps you just keyed it by accident once (that is very possible!)…

Anyway, here is how to do the pig emoticon in Google chat (gtalk):

Pig emoticon Google chat

gchat emoticons piggtalk emoticon secret piggtalk emoticon pig
Pig emoticon Google chat – :(:)

It’s really one of the coolest emoticons around, because other chat programs don’t have many animals – they just have boring faces etc. A pig smiley can have many meanings, so enjoy the pig emoticon in Google chat!

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